Destination NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2014 – 2016 (2016-2018 In Progress)

14 March 2016

July 2014 – July 2016

“All About Attitude”

Table of Contents

1      Message from the CEO

2      All About Attitude

2.1         Phase 1 – Building the Foundations

2.2         Phase 2 – Ownership and Innovation

3      Organisational Context

4      Disability in NSW

5      How we developed this Disability Action Plan

6      Challenges and Opportunities

6.1         Challenges

6.2         Opportunities

7      Outcomes and Action

Outcome 1: Planning

Outcome 2: Consultation and Feedback

Outcome 3: Leadership

Outcome 4: Human Resources

Outcome 5: Access and Equity

Outcome 6: Communication

8      What we have achieved so far

9      Contact

1         Message from the CEO

The Destination NSW Disability Action Plan outlines the strategies, actions, accountabilities and timeframes for Destination NSW to deliver on areas identified to ensure inclusion of people living with a disability in its workplace, and the inclusion and consideration of disabled people in its business activities.

The Plan and the approach taken to the implementation of its priorities have the full support of my organisation. We acknowledge the contribution that people living with a disability have made and continue to make in our workplace, and more broadly to NSW society. It is critical that our organisation both reflects and engages with people living with a disability, and to ensure every success of our initiatives in promoting NSW. We also understand that supporting people living with a disability, and promoting access and inclusion, is all about our attitude.

I look forward to working with our team and stakeholders on the progressive implementation of the plan and seeing the benefits it will bring to the broad range of businesses, industries, visitors and the communities we serve.

Sandra Chipchase

Chief Executive Officer

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2         All About Attitude

Destination NSW is committed to removing barriers to access and participation for people with a disability to create a more inclusive community. Destination NSW recognizes its requirements to comply with the NSW Disability Services Act 1993 (DSA) and the Disability Inclusion Act 2014.

Destination NSW is a global business operating from 10 offices world-wide. People that work at Destination NSW assist a vast range of businesses and industries across NSW to advance tourism growth and investment, and to promote productivity and economic growth. This Disability Action Plan addresses the requirements for a NSW Government Disability Action Plan and seeks to:

  • Improve the attitude of all its people and stakeholders, in promoting access for those people living with a disability
  • Increase investment and growth in tourism and tourism related jobs
  • Develop a positive visitor experience in NSW
  • Assist tourism and major event-related businesses to promote access in their provision to services and product delivery.

The aim of this Plan is to outline the strategies that Destination NSW will use to ensure that all people, including those living with a disability, have equal access to the services provided by us.

Destination NSW:

  • Respects the independence of people with disability
  • Recognises the right of people with disability to be in control of their lives and to make or be involved in decisions that affect them
  • Seeks to ensure that people living with a disability can participate fully in the community.

This plan has two main phases of action:

2.1      Phase 1 – Building the foundations


This phase was a one year plan (July 2014 to July 2015) to create awareness and develop organisational culture:

  • Develop a baseline of organisational capabilities and attitudes
  • Review key processes and unintended barriers
  • Work cooperatively across our diverse business to create and commence a campaign that focuses on the positive aspects of inclusion, capability and accessibility
  • Deliver understanding and a pathway to accessible employment and service.

2.2      Phase 2 – Ownership and Innovation

Phase 2 builds on the foundations created in the first year to further develop and embed inclusive practices teams beyond teams, and working closely with our stakeholders.

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3         Organisational Context

Destination NSW is the lead government agency for the New South Wales (NSW) tourism and major events sectors. Destination NSW is an Executive Agency that is part of the Department of Premier and Cabinet cluster within the NSW Government.

Our role is to market Sydney and NSW as one of the world’s premier tourism and major events destinations; to secure major sporting and cultural events; to work in partnership with Business Events Sydney to win major international conventions and incentive travel reward programs; to develop and deliver initiatives that will drive visitor growth throughout the State; and to achieve the NSW Government’s goal of doubling expenditure within the State’s visitor economy by 2020.

We achieve this by collaborating with and supporting tourism and event related businesses, industries and communities in regional, state wide, national and overseas markets.

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4         Disability in NSW

1.3 million people in NSW identified as having a disability in NSW in 2009. This was 18.6% of the population of the State and makes people with disability an important customer segment and pool of employees. There is also a higher representation of people with disability in inner regional (21.8%) and non-metro areas of Australia (20.1%).

Destination NSW recently surveyed staff and identified that 6% of its own workforce identifies as having some form of disability and that they have confidence that the organisation has equipment, policies, procedures and support systems to ensure equality in the workplace.

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5         How we developed this Disability Action Plan

This Plan was developed through an information gathering and review process, in consultation with key stakeholders that included:

  • Consultation with staff
  • Executive Management Team – ‘one on one’ interviews with each member of Executive Team to review related activity and identify key future actions, and have these incorporated as part of the Performance Review Process
  • Review of key Government guidelines and planning documents and our websites to support and/or guide new actions – this included annual plan, strategic plan and supporting policy and process.

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6         Challenges and Opportunities

6.1      Challenges

Destination NSW delivers programs, events and services through a range of activities around the globe. While Destination NSW has made considerable progress in the area of disability and access, it still faces some key challenges.

6.2      Opportunities

Destination NSW has identified several areas where the organisation can continue to refine and improve its performance:

  • Better identification of touch points: Identifying the disability groups who engage with the agency and reviewing how we engage with them. Learning more about their requirements and promoting or targeting programs and services to meet their needs
  • Disability, access and business planning: Taking a more holistic approach to disability issues in business planning to ensure people with disabilities have equal access to supporting services
  • Collaboration: Sharing knowledge across Destination NSW and with other parts of the Department of Premier and Cabinet cluster and liaising with bodies such as the Disability Council of NSW for ongoing support and guidance
  • Training: Providing (more) Disability awareness training to staff to help them to better engage with people with a disability and to improve service delivery. This includes development of induction material to educate new employees about initiatives and services
  • Access: Reviewing information provided by Destination NSW and assessing the need for access into other formats
  • Consultation: Ensuring that people living with disabilities are involved in consultation, stakeholder engagement processes and in communication planning. In particular, an increase in the acknowledgement of people with a disability in the community.

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7         Outcomes and Action

During the period of this Plan the following actions will continue to be implemented.

Outcome 1: Planning

Disability Plan goals are integrated into the overall corporate and business planning, as well as the review mechanisms of the agency.

Outcome 2: Consultation and Feedback

Policy development and service delivery is informed by agency expertise and by client feedback and complaints, and participation on advisory boards, significant committees and consultations.

Outcome 3: Leadership

The CEO and senior managers actively promote and are accountable for the implementation of the Disability Inclusion Act and Regulation within the agency.

Outcome 4: Human Resources

The capacity of the agency is enhanced by understanding who has a disability, making adjustments where required, and the employment and training of people living with disabilities.

Outcome 5: Access and Equity

Barriers to the accessibility of services for people living with disabilities are identified, and programs and services are developed to address them.

Outcome 6: Communication

A range of communication formats and channels are used to inform people living with disabilities about agency programs, services and activities.

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8            What we have achieved so far

Destination NSW has already undertaken to provide more accessible and inclusive service to the people of NSW. Below are some of the key highlights which have been identified through on-going internal monitoring and evaluation, and from the review and consultation with staff, stakeholders and the community as part of the development of this Plan.

Destination NSW:

  • Worked with relevant access, aged and disability staff at the whole of Government level especially when organising Major Events
  • Ensured compliance with relevant access standards relating to buildings
  • Upgrade of website with improved accessibility features
  • Provided trained staff who are willing to provide assistance at events and through our day-to-day business activity
  • Purchased and installed new furniture, fixtures and fittings to improve access
  • Promoted a 24/7 Employee Assistance Service to support mental health issues for employees
  • Undertaken regular ergonomic assessment and adjustments for employees
  • Developed positive partnerships with organisations and services who support people with a disability
  • Increased awareness by staff of access and disability requirements through coaching and training
  • Incorporated Access issues in Visitor survey research activity
  • Included Access issues as part of its ‘Prospectus’ evaluation
  • Identified the physical requirements to perform particular roles and included these requirements in Role Descriptions
  • Reviewed the recruitment process to ensure barriers are reduced for candidates living with a disability
  • Actively works with event proponents and stakeholders to include access information on their websites
  • Consulted with its employees about access issues
  • Distributed and communicated about this Plan initiatives and objectives through all-staff communications.

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9         Contact

If you have any questions in relation to this Action Plan or would like to receive this publication in an accessible format, please telephone our Chief Operating Officer on:

(02) 9931 1320.

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