Economic Value

1 November 2011

The tourism and events sector is vital to the NSW economy contributing billions in revenue and supporting tens of thousands of jobs throughout the State - many of them in regional NSW. Tourism employment now accounts for one in every 15 jobs in NSW.


Economic Contribution of Tourism to NSW 2015-16 (PDF 642 KB)
State Tourism Satellite Accounts 2015-16
Tourism Businesses in Australia, June 2011 to June 2015
Economic Contribution of Tourism to each Tourism Region in NSW 2013-14

Our Tourism Tally


Tourism consumption in NSW = $38.1 billion
NSW’s share of national tourism consumption = 29.3%

Top tourism products/services that contributed most to tourism consumption in NSW:

Takeaway and restaurant meals  17.1%
Long distance passenger transportation  13.7%
Shopping (includes gifts and souvenirs)  12.0%
Accommodation services  11.9%
Fuel (petrol, diesel)  8.2%

Source: State Tourism Satellite Accounts, 2015-16, Tourism Research Australia (TRA) 


Estimated direct employment =164,000
Estimated indirect employment = 97,100 jobs
Total direct and indirect employment= 261,000 jobs

Source: State Tourism Satellite Accounts, 2015-16, TRA 


Number of businesses involved in tourism = 93,630 (June 2015)

Source: Tourism Businesses in Australia (June 2011-June 2015), TRA

Accommodation establishments = 1,395 (hotels and serviced apartments with 10 rooms or more)

Source: STR Global database, March 2017 (STR Global database is member-based and data is supplied by accommodation establishments on a voluntary basis).

Total Overnight Visitors (IVS and NVS)

Number of overnight visitors = 33.3 million
Market share visitors = 33.5%

Total Visitor Nights (IVS and NVS)

Number of visitor nights = 186.4 million
Market share nights = 31.2%


Total overnight visitor expenditure = $26.6 billion
Market share expenditure = 29.8%

Source: National and International Visitor Surveys, YE March 2017; TRA.

Our Events Tally

There are now more than 163 events on the Sydney and NSW Event Calendar - all with the potential to generate tourism arrivals and expenditure in destinations throughout the State.

Visitor Nights

Number of visitor nights delivered by events visitors in NSW = 5.8 million


Event visitors spent around $2.2 billion in NSW in the year ending March 2017.

Source: National and International Visitor Surveys, YE March 2017; TRA

Tourism to Regional Areas

Domestic and international visitors to NSW destinations outside Sydney generated a massive 84.6 million nights of accommodation in Regional NSW and $14.9 billion in visitor (overnight and day trip) expenditure.

Source: National and International Visitor Surveys, YE March 2017, TRA