Regional Visitor Economy Fund (RVEF)

2 April 2013

The Regional Visitor Economy Fund (RVEF) was launched in May 2013 to address a range of issues affecting tourism to Regional NSW identified in the NSW Government’s Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan (December 2012).  The RVEF is designed to contribute to the NSW Government Visitor Economy goal of doubling overnight visitor expenditure to NSW by 2020, to reach a value of $36.6 billion.

The RVEF is managed and administered by Destination NSW and supports investment in the Regional NSW visitor economy on a matched dollar-for-dollar basis.

Total funds available during the 2015-16 financial year are $7.2m.

Applications may be submitted for product development and marketing activities that will contribute to the NSW Government objective of doubling overnight visitor expenditure by 2020.

All applications must be supported by a completed Destination Management Plan relevant to the project’s region and meet the requirements outlined in the Destination NSW template. For more information, please refer to Destination Management Planning page.

Two funds exist within the RVEF – a Quarantined Fund and a Contestable Fund:

Quarantined Fund

The Quarantined Fund provides up to $3.7m, and is only available for Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs).

Key dates – RVEF Quarantined Fund

4 May 2015: Applications open
30 November 2015: Applications close

Contestable Fund

The Contestable Fund provides $3.5m and is available for RTOs, Local Tourism Organisations, Industry or Sector Associations, local government and industry.

Key dates – RVEF Contestable Fund

Round One
Monday, 4 May 2015: 
Applications open
Friday, 12 June 2015: 
Applications close

Round Two
Monday 31 August 2015: 
Applications open
Friday 09 October 2015: 
Applications close

Round Three
Monday 1 February 2016: 
Applications open
Friday 11 March 2016: 
Applications close