Targeting International Visitors

21 November 2012

Destination NSW has produced a series of resources as a guide to understanding and working with inbound tourism partners to help tourism businesses target international visitors.

Reaching the international market (PDF 366kb)

International visitors find and book tourism experiences in a number of different ways. This introduction to the channels they use can help you decide how to target them.

Becoming export ready (PDF 430kb)

An essential part of working with international distribution partners is making sure your business is export ready. This guide provides details of what this means for your business and the practical steps you should consider to become export ready.

Download example trade sales materials:

Working with inbound tour operators (PDF 408kb)

What is an inbound tour operator (ITO) and what do they do’ Find out what is important to them and how can you develop good ITO relationships.

Meeting with the travel trade (PDF 518kb)

There are a range of opportunities to meet with the travel trade when you are targeting international visitors. Find out tips for handling ITO and wholesaler workshop appointments and meetings, as well as handling sales staff training with your existing trade partners.
Download an example trade contact report

Attending trade events (PDF 332kb)

There are a number of regular inbound tourism trade events held each year. This guide provides an introduction.

Find out more about Destination NSW trade events

Useful links

International visitor research

To learn more about international visitors to NSW, take a look at the Destination NSW international market profiles and market intelligence updates to help you better understand your potential markets.

Sydney and NSW Export Ready Product Fact Sheets

These product fact sheets, featuring export ready NSW tourism products, are promoted and distributed to the inbound travel trade.

Planning for Inbound Success

Planning for Inbound Success, Tourism Australia

A Tourism Australia toolkit designed to provide you with the basic tools, knowledge and key contacts needed to enter the export tourism market.

Reaching the China Market

Read the China Market Toolkit, featuring tips and insights to help tourism businesses target the growing China market. It includes research and resources, advice on product development, marketing and distribution, key resources contacts.

China Market Toolkit

Find out about Destination NSW’s China Tourism Strategy and Action Plan. Additionally see videos containing insights in to market needs and advice for operators looking to get in to China.

China Tourism Strategy 2012-20