Tourism Reports and Presentations

12 April 2012

Destination NSW conducts specialist research on a number of topics. Please find the most recent research below.

Economic Contribution of Tourism to NSW

Economic Contribution of Tourism to NSW 2014-15 (PDF 1 MB)

This report highlights the importance of the value of tourism in NSW and includes comparisons with other industries and states. Employment is one of the key measures.

Economic Contribution of Tourism to each Tourism Region in NSW

This report highlights the importance of tourism to each tourism region in NSW based on the State Tourism Satellite Account 2013-2014 that was released in April 2015. There are 14 factsheets in total that includes Sydney, Regional NSW and one for each of the remaining tourism regions in NSW.

Sydney (PDF 220 kb) North Coast (PDF 220 kb)
Regional NSW (PDF 213 kb) North England North West (PDF 220 kb)
Blue Mountains (PDF 234 kb) Outback NSW (PDF 219 kb)
Capital Country (PDF 225 kb) Riverina (PDF 230 kb)
Central Coast (PDF 220 kb) Snowy Mountains (PDF 224 kb)
Central NSW (PDF 220 kb) South Coast (PDF 223 kb)
Hunter (PDF 217 kb) The Murray (PDF 222 kb)


The Australian tourism industry

State of the Industry 2015

The State of the Industry report assesses the current performance of the Australian tourism industry and its progress on the Tourism 2020 potential. It also reports on visitation statistics on the demand side, and aviation, accommodation and employment statistics and investment estimates on the supply side.

Regional Tourism Indicators

Regional Tourism Indicators 2014-15

Regional Tourism Indicators provide comprehensive tourism data for 76 of Australia’s tourism regions including:

  • Tourism region population
  • Tourism businesses
  • Accommodation
  • Aviation
  • Investment
  • Visitor information profiles for international, domestic overnight and domestic day trip visitors

Domesticate 2014

Domesticate 2014 Factsheet (PDF 478 kb)

Research into the Australian and New Zealand travel market, their mindset, attitudes to travel and outlook for the Australian and New Zealand travel industry. The study also focused on shopping as a travel motivator and as a travel activity.

Visitor Information Centres

Visitor Information Servicing In NSW report

This report reviews the current role of NSW visitor information centres and their importance in delivering information services, as well as identifies visitor information servicing strategies.

The use of Visitor Information Centres in NSW (PDF 424 kb)

As part of the Local Government and Shires Association of NSW tourism conference 2013, Destination NSW delivered this presentation on Visitor Information Centres and how they are used by those who are travelling through regional areas.

The role of Technology in Visitor Information Servicing (PDF 822 kb)

Delivered by Dr Ulrike Gretzel from the University of Wollongong, this presentation discusses the role of digital visitor information servicing and the implications of digital technology on the use of Visitor Information Centres.


The Importance of Events to NSW Economy year ended March 2012 (PDF 673 kb)

Sports, entertainment and business events are significant generators of value to the NSW economy and this report puts a perspective on their contribution. It includes market shares by state, and trends in event visitation since 2003.

Internet use by visitors to NSW

Internet use by visitors to NSW (PDF 625 kb)

This report looks at the use of the internet before and during the trip by international and domestic visitors to Australia and NSW, including reasons for use, items booked and types of information accessed.