NSW Aboriginal Tourism Toolkit

21 March 2017

Aboriginal tourism

Australia’s Aboriginal people are custodians of the world’s oldest continuous living culture. NSW has the largest Aboriginal population in Australia, and the longest continuous contact between Europeans and Aboriginal people. NSW has many opportunities for visitors to engage with Aboriginal people and experience their culture.

In the year ending September 2016, visitors to New South Wales who engaged in an Aboriginal experiences spent a total of $1.141 billion during their time in the State. A total of 394,000 domestic and international visitors participated in an Aboriginal cultural tourism experience in New South Wales an increase of 50 per cent on the previous year.

The NSW Aboriginal Tourism Toolkit released by Destination NSW in 2017 is a valuable resource for the tourism industry to connect with NSW Aboriginal tourism operators. We encourage those interested in Aboriginal tourism to connect with local operators who are best placed to provide cultural information and deliver authentic cultural experiences.

NSW Aboriginal Tourism Toolkit 

Destination NSW also provides assistance to Aboriginal tourism operators in the development of their businesses, from concept to market ready in both Australian and international markets. Aboriginal Tourism Workshops are held twice a year to update existing and emerging operators and to support the development of Aboriginal tourism businesses across the State. Find out more about Aboriginal tourism activities, including the Aboriginal Tourism Action Plan at destinationnsw.com.au/aboriginaltourism

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