China Tourism Strategy 2012-20

27 November 2012

China Tourism Strategy 2012-20China has been much heralded as a tourism source market for Australia, and NSW has had an active and successful presence in China for many years.

However, changes in competition and market dynamics, and the NSW Government’s goal to double the value of overnight visitor expenditure to NSW by the year 2020, have highlighted the need for expanded activities and new strategies.

Destination NSW intends to capitalise on the diverse opportunities on offer in China. We will actively build new markets, support new products and services and develop our industry partnerships to ensure that NSW secures substantial market share and harnesses the potential of the China market.

Our China Tourism Strategy 2012-20 document is designed to provide New South Wales operators with a succinct snapshot of Destination NSW’s China Tourism Strategy and Action Plan.


Destination NSW interviewed several industry representatives that have been active in China to get their perspective on the market. The videos contain insights into market needs, reflections on past activity and advice for operators looking to get into China.

Simon McGrath, Accor Asia - Pacific

Demonstrates the value of improving the quality and range of visitor experiences available for Chinese visitors.

David Hammon, Scenic World

Demonstrates the benefit of increasing consumer promotion to the China market.

Shannon Bailey, Merlin Entertainments Group

Demonstrates the value in developing trade distribution networks.

Richard Evans, BridgeClimb Sydney

Demonstrates the value of increasing resources to facilitate growth.

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