ATE 2018

17 May 2018

This media kit has been produced for ATE 2018 and provides story ideas and content for travel and lifestyle publications.

Aboriginal cultural tourism in NSW (PDF 5 MB)

Australia’s events capital (PDF 5 MB)

Cruise into Sydney and NSW (PDF 2 MB)

Food and wine in Sydney and NSW (PDF 5 MB)

Hotel news in Sydney and NSW (PDF 5 MB)

Infrastructure news Sydney (PDF 2 MB)

Luxury travel product expands in NSW (PDF 3 MB)

Only in NSW (PDF 3 MB)

What’s new in Sydney and NSW (PDF 7 MB)

Youth travellers to NSW (PDF 5 MB)

Media contact

Sarah Quinn
Ministerial & Corporate Communications Manager
Phone: +61 2 9931 1156

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