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11 October 2011

In this section we give a snapshot of the NSW tourism and events sector and connect you to the State’s extensive tourism network.

NSW is Australia’s top performing tourism state. More visitors come to NSW and stay longer and spend more than in any other state in Australia.

NSW Visitor Snapshot

Domestic Tourism

In YE March 2020, NSW received 37.2 million domestic overnight visitors – an increase
of 4.6% over the previous year.

  • The majority of visitors came from within NSW (38% from Regional NSW and 28% from Sydney), followed by Victoria (12%) and Queensland (12%).
  • The average length of stay in NSW for domestic overnight visitors was 3.2 nights.

International Tourism

In the YE March 2020, NSW received nearly 4.0 million international visitors – a
decrease of 8.6% from the previous year.

  • The State’s largest international source markets were: China (16%), USA (12%), New Zealand (10%), United Kingdom (8%) and Japan (5%).
  • The average length of stay for international visitors was 22 nights.

Source: National and International Visitor Surveys YE March 2020, Tourism Research Australia (TRA).

Tourism Forecasts

Tourism Research Australia provides forecasts of international and domestic visitors, nights and expenditure for Australia, as well as outbound departures from Australia.

There were 9.4 million international visitor arrivals to Australia in 2018-19. This is forecast to grow by average annual growth of 4.6 per cent from 2018-19 to 2028-29 to reach 14.6 million.

China will remain as the top international market with 2.6 million arrivals by 2028-29, followed by New Zealand (1.8 million) and USA (1.3 million). The markets forecast to have the strongest average growth per annum over the next decade include India (9.0 per cent), Indonesia (6.4 per cent) and China (5.9 per cent).

Source: Tourism Forecasts 2019, Tourism Research Australia (TRA)

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