China Market Toolkit

23 June 2015

The characteristics of the Chinese traveller are changing rapidly and evolving more quickly than any other international market to Australia and New South Wales (NSW). As China continues to grow into one of NSW’s largest inbound travel markets, it’s important for the NSW tourism industry to be ready to meet the demand.

This toolkit will give you all the information, tips and contacts you need to target Chinese travellers to NSW. Find out how to become market-ready for China, how to do business in China, what marketing opportunities are available and who the key industry contacts are including Destination NSW offices in-market. You can also download the full toolkit here:

A key objective of Destination NSW’s China Tourism Strategy 2012 - 2020 is to protect the state’s current market leadership. Find out how to get involved!

China market insights

China market insights thumbnail

Find out about China traveller segments, check the latest research and market intelligence on the China market to both NSW and Australia from Destination NSW, Tourism Australia and Tourism Research Australia.

Becoming market-ready for China

Becoming market-ready for China thumbnailFind out what appeals to Chinese travellers, get tips on becoming export-ready and how to tailor your tourism product to Chinese visitors, learn about the Approved Destination Status scheme and how to work with China UnionPay.

Marketing opportunities

Marketing opportunities thumbnailVisit Destination NSW’s Chinese-language website, find out how to reach Chinese travellers online as well as through traditional marketing and sales channels. Use translation services and NSW visitor information written in simplified Chinese to better service your Chinese clients.

Doing business in China

Doing business in China thumbnailUnderstand the cultural considerations and etiquette involved in doing business in China, including the significance of colours and numbers, the best way to entertain and the importance of saving and giving face.

Destination NSW in China

Destination NSW in China thumbnailDestination NSW provides product development assistance and coordinates the annual Destination NSW Greater China Mission as well as an ongoing Chinese trade familiarisation program. Staff in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chengdu handle trade marketing and media activities in-market; see some examples of recent Destination NSW campaigns.

Contacts and information

For more information about the China market, contact Destination NSW. More resources are available from: