Inbound Tourism Guide

9 September 2016

The Inbound Tourism Guide has been produced to help NSW tourism businesses to become export ready and prepare their business to market and sell to inbound travellers.

It will help you map out practical actions you can take within your business to prepare you for selling products through the inbound distribution system.

This guide will assist you to develop your inbound strategy, plan a more effective targeted trade sales approach, develop the tools you need and choose the right activities to fit your markets, your budget and your business.

Inbound Tourism Guide Content

Export Ready 101

Export Ready 101 is an introductory overview of what it means to be export ready, how tourism experiences can be bought and sold through inbound sales and distribution channels and why you should consider these inbound channels for your business.

Getting Started in Inbound Tourism
What is inbound tourism and why is it good for business? Find out how international visitors can help your business grow, and whether your business is ready to become export ready.

International Markets: Finding The Right Fit
How do international markets and segments vary, and how can you work out which markets you should target?

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Distribution: Selling Products To International Visitors
Knowing how international visitors find and book their travel will help you put your product in front of them.

Inbound Strategy

The Inbound Strategy section is designed to assist tourism businesses to plan the final steps to develop and sell export-ready tourism products to the international travel trade.

Perfect Match: Refining Products
The best products continually listen to their markets and make refinements to ensure they are delivering quality, market-matched experiences.

Polished Processes
Get your business ready at an operational and administrative level to handle bookings from the travel trade.

Tools for the Trade: Creating Your Sales Kit
A strong trade sales kit is a mark of your professionalism and demonstrates an understanding of what your trade buyers need from you.

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Accommodation Attractions Tours
Fact sheet (2 MB) Fact sheet (1 MB) Fact sheet (1 MB)
Rate sheet (107 kb) Rate sheet (121 kb) Rate sheet (120 kb)
Trade terms (207 kb) Trade terms (158 kb) Trade terms (159 kb)

Powerful Presentations
Find out tips on developing your pitch, getting ready to present and making the most of your meeting time.

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Trade Activity Planning
Before you start spending money on inbound marketing, it is best to have a plan in place.

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Inbound Opportunities with Destination NSW
If you would like to discuss becoming export ready, contact the Destination NSW Industry Development team on 9931 1111 or

Inbound Strategy Webinar Series

The three-part Inbound Strategy Series is designed for tourism businesses that are ready to take the next steps to become Export Ready and begin selling their product to international markets through the inbound travel trade.

Watch the Inbound Strategy Webinar Series