16 October 2014

The Tourist Attraction Signposting Assessment Committee (TASAC) is a group formed by the NSW State Government to have overall responsibility for the planning and implementation of tourist signposting systems which:

  • safely and efficiently guide motorists to their destination
  • inform visitors of the range of major attractions and services available within a destination.

Information on meeting dates and past meeting minutes here.

Tourist Signposting Policy

The Tourist Signposting Guidelines outline the policy in New South Wales for all tourist signposting. The guidelines provide the categories of signposting and the criteria and technical specifications for sign design and installation. All decisions regarding tourist signposting made by TASAC are based on the policy contained within the manual.

TASAC Membership

TASAC is made up of representatives from Destination NSW (DNSW) and the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), with the support of Destination Networks (DNs) and local tourism managers. All TASAC members participate equally in providing feedback to any individual or group making representations to TASAC. Members from DNSW and the RMS determine the eligibility status of your application.

TASAC Roles and Responsibilities

TASAC’s key activities include:

  • developing Tourist Signposting Policy for New South Wales
  • assessing applications for tourist signposting to determine their eligibility
  • providing input to National Tourist Signposting Policy
  • consultation with other agencies to develop strategies and identify priorities in implementation of signposting initiatives
  • project management of signposting initiatives across the state
  • communication of tourist signposting policy, initiatives and issues to stakeholders
  • quality control of tourist signposting

Contact TASAC

All enquiries can be emailed to: TASAC@dnsw.com.au or phone: 02 9931 1483