Categories and Application Forms

16 October 2014

The five signposting categories include product categories, identification and information, major tourist attractions, and accommodation and service facilities driving experiences.

Application forms can be completed and submitted online. Applications contain help notes to assist the applicant in applying for signage.

Assistance can be sort from Destination NSW on 02 9931 1483.


Application forms

1. Major Tourist Attractions


A number of categories of major tourist attraction are eligible for signposting. Some general eligibility criteria apply to all the categories and there are also additional criteria specific to each category. Please select from the list adjacent for more information on the requirements for each category.

Galleries (PDF 1 mb)

Museums (PDF 925 kb)

Craft Based (PDF 980 kb)

Aboriginal cultural centres & sites (PDF 743 kb)

Historic properties or sites
(PDF 990 kb)

Wineries (PDF 812 kb)

Primary and secondary industry (PDF 920 kb)

Outdoor based (PDF 1 mb)

Theme parks (PDF 1 mb)

Architectural/engineering structures (PDF 686 kb)

Other attractions
(PDF 900 kb)

State significant (PDF 820 kb)

2. Tourism Product Categories


These are clusters of tourism product that fit into a shared theme, and which have been deemed eligible for signposting. For example, some towns have a number of well-presented and interpreted historic sites and properties (and meet all the other required criteria) to make them eligible to be signposted as Historic Towns.

Wine tourism regions (PDF 818 kb)

Historic towns, villages and precincts (PDF 906 kb)

National Parks, State Conservation Areas, State Forests & Major Water Storage Areas (PDF 699 kb)

Major regional tourist centres
(PDF 697 kb)

Seaside towns and villages
(PDF 904 kb)

3. Identification and Information


These are signs that highlight eligible visitor information services or welcome visitors to an area.

“Welcome” signs (PDF 659 kb)

Accredited Visitor Information
(PDF 403 kb)

Non-accredited visitor information services (PDF 618 kb)

4. Driving Experiences


This category is for the signposting of major touring routes which are able to demonstrate a high level of support including funding, marketing and management.

For further information on this review please contact David Douglas on 9931 1483.

Touring route application
(PDF 814 kb)