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12 April 2012

The tourism and events sector is vital to the NSW economy contributing billions in revenue and supporting tens of thousands of jobs throughout the state - many of them in regional NSW.

Contribution of Tourism to NSW

Economic Contribution of Tourism to NSW 2018-19 (PDF 1 MB)

Tourism’s Value to NSW 2018-19 (PDF 57 kb)

These reports highlight the significant value of the tourism industry to NSW as well as its contribution to the Australian economy. Key measures include tourism consumption, tourism gross state product, tourism gross value added, tourism employment and tourism businesses.

In 2018-19, tourism employed 1 in every 14 jobs in NSW and contributed $38.1 billion to the state’s gross state product.

Source: State Tourism Satellite Account 2018-19 and Tourism Businesses in Australia June 2018, Tourism Research Australia

Contribution of Tourism to each region in NSW

Regional Tourism Satellite Account reports for 2018-19

The Regional Tourism Satellite Accounts provide information on the economic importance of tourism for each of NSW’s tourism regions. Reports include infographics and data tables for Sydney and for each tourism region in Australia.

Excluding the contribution of the rest of Australia, the Sydney tourism region accounted for 51% of the total direct and indirect tourism employment in NSW and 60% of the State’s total tourism Gross State Product.

Tourism directly contributed 1 in 14 jobs in regional NSW and 1 in 29 jobs in Sydney.

Note: The following infographics are image files. For the same data in an Excel spreadsheet format, see the Tourism Research Australia website.
Blue Mountains New England North West Sydney
Capital Country North Coast South Coast
Central Coast Outback NSW The Murray
Central NSW Riverina
Hunter Snowy Mountains

Summary table

Direct tourism contribution Total tourism contribution
Gross regional product
Gross regional product
Sydney 11,144 92.0 21,404 145.7
Blue Mountains 309 3.9 589 5.4
Capital Country 348 4.6 704 6.6
Central Coast 514 7.1 995  9.7
Central NSW 610 9.2 1,245  12.7
Hunter 1,259 15.8 2,475 22.4
New England North West 379 5.4 774 7.5
North Coast 1,834  24.3 3,632 34.1
Outback NSW 106 1.8 188 2.2
Riverina 263 3.8 576 5.5
Snowy Mountains 272 4.5 526 5.9
South Coast 1,239 15.3 2,339 21.3
The Murray 260 3.8 500 5.1
Regional NSW 7,392 99.6 14,543 138.5
Rest of Australia 2,152 11.8
New South Wales 18,536 191.6 38,099 296.0

Source: Regional Tourism Satellite Account 2018-19, Tourism Research Australia

Our Events Tally

Business Events

NSW Regional Conferencing Research report 2018 - 2019 (PDF 836 kb)

The conferencing sector brings significant economic and employment benefits to NSW. In 2018-19, DNSW provided conferencing grants to 33 events in regional NSW to support the development of conferencing and business events in regional NSW.

Total Conference Attendees

The events were attended by 7,158 conference people, of which 89% were overnight visitors who spent $219 per night.

Total Expenditure

The events generated an estimated $4.1 million in expenditure from non-local attendees.

Source: Destination NSW Regional Conferencing Grant Recipient Delegate Surveys and Event Owner Surveys 2018-19, Destination NSW.

Leisure Events

There are now more than 163 events on the Sydney and NSW Event Calendar – all with the potential to generate tourism arrivals and expenditure in destinations throughout the state.

Total Visitor Nights

Number of visitor nights delivered by events visitors in NSW = 7.0 million, of which 38%
were spent in Sydney.

Total Overnight Expenditure

Event visitors spent $2.9 billion in NSW in the year ending March 2020, of which 49%
was spent in Sydney.

Source: National and International Visitor Surveys, Year Ended March 2020; Tourism Research Australia.

The Australian tourism industry

State Tourism Satellite Account 2018-19

The State Tourism Satellite Account highlights the importance of tourism to each state and territory’s economy in Australia.

Tourism Businesses in Australia June 2014 to June 2019

Tourism Businesses in Australia report estimates the number of tourism businesses in Australia’s tourism industry by state, by industry type, by employment size and by tourism region in Australia.

State of the Industry 2018-19

The State of the Industry report assesses the current performance of the Australian tourism industry and its progress on the Tourism 2020 potential. It also reports on visitation statistics on the demand side, and aviation, accommodation and employment statistics and investment estimates on the supply side.

Tourism Investment Monitor 2019

The Tourism Investment Monitor reports on the number and value of significant projects in Australia’s tourism investment pipeline in 2018-19. It focuses on arts and recreation, aviation and accommodation projects.

Source: Tourism Research Australia

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