Sydney and NSW Product Factsheets

24 May 2012

Destination NSW has produced a series of trade factsheets to assist our industry partners in selling and promoting Sydney and Regional NSW products.

The majority of products included in the factsheets are those that have been assessed as export ready. The factsheets have been tailored to meet the requirements of a range of international markets.

Industry partners can also access Destination NSW’s online content library, which provides over 15,000 stunning images of Sydney and NSW for free.

For further information industry partners can find more Sydney and Regional NSW export ready products at

How to Access the Content Library
(PDF 517 kb)

Map of Sydney City
(PDF 374 kb)

Map of NSW
(PDF 434 kb)

English factsheets

Product factsheets are accurate at the time of publishing.

Food and Wine Experiences
in Sydney & NSW

(PDF 1.1 MB)
Youth Travel and Backpacking
in Sydney & NSW

(PDF 2.9 MB)
Great Drives NSW
(PDF 1.5 MB)
Regional NSW Accommodation Guide
(PDF 707 kb)
Iconic Sydney
(PDF 2 MB)
Sydney Accommodation Guide
(PDF 675 kb)
New Products in Regional NSW
(PDF 907 kb)
Sydney Tours & Attractions Guide
(PDF 835 kb)
New Products in Sydney
(PDF 985 kb)
Regional NSW Tours & Attractions Guide
(PDF 824 kb)
NSW Products at ATE 2019
(PDF 1.7 MB)

Simplified Chinese factsheets

Product factsheets are accurate at the time of publishing.

(PDF 544 kb)
(PDF 2.5 MB)
(PDF 1.6 MB)
(PDF 1.4 MB)
(PDF 2.2 MB)
(PDF 1.6 MB)
(PDF 1.6 MB)