26 October 2011

Sector markets offer avenues by which Destination NSW can target promotional activity to address the needs and interests of a specific consumer group - or else strengthen and broaden awareness of a unique range of products and experiences.

When working with sector markets Destination NSW frequently partners with special operator associations or stakeholder organisations.

Destination NSW currently focuses on specific growth and high yield sectors including Aboriginal tourism, Cruise, Food and Wine and Youth, as identified in the NSW Government’s Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan. The aim is to deliver a range of programs and projects to support the development and marketing of NSW products and destinations. This will provide visitors with authentic, high-quality experiences that will contribute to increasing visitation and tourism expenditure for the State.

Aboriginal tourism

Australia’s Aboriginal people are custodians of the world’s oldest continuous living culture. NSW has the largest Aboriginal population in Australia, and the longest continuous contact between Europeans and Aboriginal people. NSW has many opportunities for visitors to engage with Aboriginal people and experience their culture.

Destination NSW provides assistance to Aboriginal tourism operators in the development of their businesses, from concept to market ready in both Australian and international markets.

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The gateway to Australia, Sydney is one of the world’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities, blessed with a mild, Mediterranean climate, glamorous beaches and deep, blue waterways.

Regarded as a “marquee” port, Sydney is an essential stop for cruises to Australia and as the State’s capital, it is the gateway to cruising in NSW. Sydney feeds its sister ports of Newcastle, Wollongong, and Eden providing a variety of features and experiences to appeal to differing segments of the cruise market.

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Food and Wine

Across the globe, experiencing quality food, drink and local cuisine and produce is ranked amongst the top reasons for choosing a holiday destination. People are becoming more interested in where their food and drink originates, which is opening their eyes to different methods of growing, preparing and consuming these commodities. New South Wales is well placed to take advantage of this cultural phenomenon, being Australia’s most geographically diverse, multicultural and populous state, as well as welcoming more international visitors than anywhere else in Australia.

NSW has 14 wine regions, over 2,000 kms of coastline bursting with fresh seafood and produce from the most geographically diverse regions in Australia. Combined with cultural influences from all over the world – including the oldest continuous culture on Earth – and it is clear to see why we have the raw ingredients to whet the world’s appetite for travel.

In the year ended December 2017, there were nearly 1.3 million domestic overnight visitors to NSW who included a visit to at least one winery in their trip. These visitors accounted for over 4.2 million nights and an estimated $1 billion in visitor expenditure – an average of $834 per visitor over 3.3 nights. There were a further 238,700 international overnight visitors to NSW who visited at least one winery as part of their trip in the same period, primarily from South Korea, China and the UK. These visitors spent 10.1 million nights in the State and contributed $1.1 billion in visitor expenditure.

There were 5 million international and domestic overnight visitors who enjoyed a food experience during a visit to NSW. Food experiences include visiting a local food market or food festival, taking a farm or food tour, participating in fruit picking or a cooking school, or eating at a fine dining restaurant. These visitors spent 59.4 million nights and spent an estimated $8.5 billion in the State.

Destination NSW works with industry stakeholders such as the NSW Wine Industry Association and the Restaurant & Catering Industry Association to address the development and promotion of NSW food and wine visitor economy assets.

The NSW Food & Wine Tourism Strategy & Action Plan 2018-2022 provides an overview of Destination NSW’s plans to further support the development of food and wine tourism to the State. Find out more: NSW Food & Wine Tourism Strategy & Action Plan 2018 - 2022

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The Youth segment comprises visitors aged 15-29 years, including international students, backpackers, leisure visitors and working holidaymakers who travel year round, including shoulder and low season periods.

This group see travel as transformative and educational. In search of genuine interactions with local communities, they are more likely to travel further across the State to experience regional destinations. Subsequently, international youth travellers are particularly high value visitors, spending more per trip than many other segments.

Apart from the benefits this sector brings to the tourism industry, working holidaymakers supplement skills shortages and fee paying students not only contribute to the education sector but also boost visitation by encouraging ‘reunion’ visits from family members.

The youth segment responds to respectful engagement, inspiration, empowerment and education. Destination NSW engages this audience through a variety of channels and marketing partnerships to present Sydney and NSW as an exciting, accessible, unique, and affordable destination of choice for youth travellers, with work, study and play experiences amongst the best in the world.

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