Superyachts in New South Wales

6 December 2021

With more than 2,000 kilometres of majestic coastline, New South Wales is home to an abundance of exciting and diverse experiences, both on water and land. From glittering Sydney Harbour to the lush North Coast and pristine South Coast, NSW welcomes superyachts of many sizes in its premium marinas. Step off the boat to golden beaches, meet the native wildlife, try some of the world’s best wines and ocean-fresh seafood, and discover thrilling adventures and inspiring Aboriginal culture.

NSW Superyacht Guide

Download a PDF of the NSW Superyacht Guide (PDF 8 MB)

There are 19 superyacht-capable marinas in New South Wales, including 11 outside of the Sydney and Pittwater region. The recently produced NSW Superyacht Guide provides Captains with all the information on superyacht and tender access points on the coast, as we encourage superyachts to further explore the many hidden gems on the North and South coastlines.

Facts and Figures

In the most recent economic impact assessment (2016) on the Australian superyacht industry it was valued at $1.97 billion, including a tourism value of $190 million. With the introduction of the Special Recreational Vessel Act 2019, Superyacht Australia expect this number to grow significantly. According to Superyacht Australia, 18 foreign-flagged superyachts visited NSW in 2019 and 2020 with an average length of stay of 55 days, resulting in an approximate economic impact of $12.81 million in two years.

*Source: 2016 Economic Impact Study