Events Marketing

26 October 2011

Events play a strong role in increasing destination awareness and intention to visit. They can be the reason for visitors to “act now” and book travel; they also encourage repeat visitation for those looking for something new and different.

Destination NSW invests heavily in developing and marketing a comprehensive schedule of major events for Sydney and regional NSW. Marketing activity includes promotion of major events through integrated domestic and international tourism campaigns and significant investment in partnership campaigns jointly implemented by event owners.

‘It’s ON!’ Campaign Platform

A key component of Destination NSW’s event marketing is the ‘It’s ON!’ campaign which promotes the Sydney & NSW Events Calendar. The ‘It’s ON!’ campaign is a well-established campaign platform for Sydney and regional NSW. Awareness of the Sydney Events Calendar is an important indicator of visitor intention and continuous targeting of relevant audience segments has been shown to increase overall appeal, consideration and visitation to a specific destination.

‘It’s ON!’ in Sydney campaigns are dedicated to promoting key events in Sydney throughout the year and the ‘It’s ON!’ in NSW campaign has a year-round presence providing a clear strategic framework to promote events across all regions of NSW. The events that are promoted in the campaigns are strategically selected by DNSW to showcase the breadth of offering across the whole of the state. Most importantly, unique events with broad appeal and the ability to attract overnight visitation are given prominence in the campaigns.

Get Connected

Get Connected is Destination NSW’s website membership program giving you the opportunity to showcase your tourism products on Destination NSW consumer websites FREE of charge and tap into over 1.8 million potential customers a month, both domestic and international - that’s 22 million people a year who are looking for tourism products.

To list your event on or, please register on Get Connected. Events must be registered on Get Connected to be considered for inclusion in ‘It’s ON!’ campaigns.

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