Annual Reports

11 October 2011

Destination NSW was established as a statutory authority in July 2011 and brought together four organisations: Events NSW, Tourism NSW, the Homebush Motor Racing Authority and the Greater Sydney Partnership.

The organisation is required to report to Parliament, the NSW Government and general community on its activities.

Destination NSW Annual Report 2015/2016  (PDF 5 MB)

Destination NSW Annual Report 2014/2015  (PDF 4 MB)

Destination NSW Annual Report 2013/2014  (PDF 6.8 MB)

Destination NSW Annual Report 2012/2013  (PDF 4.7 MB)

Destination NSW Annual Report 2011/2012  (PDF 4.3 MB)

See About Us for corporate information on Destination NSW.

If seeking reporting documents for Tourism NSW and Events NSW, please search our report archive.

Report Archive

Tourism NSW

Tourism NSW’s reporting for the years 2009/10 -2012/13 financial years is included in annual reports prepared by NSW Trade and Investment.
Trade and Investment Annual Reports

Events NSW

Events NSW published a corporate report on its activities for the 2009/10 financial year.
Events Report