Facts & Figures Research

26 October 2011

Destination NSW is the lead provider in NSW of the latest statistical data and analysis to assist the tourism industry.

Find the facts, figures and tourism insights you need to understand the latest trends in domestic and international tourism arrivals to NSW.

Comprehensive reports profile visitor patterns and impacts for NSW and Sydney, for the State’s 12 tourism regions as well as local government destinations.

Additional research reports examine a broad range of consumer and industry topics including market segments; consumer behaviour; profiles of source markets; aviation and transport; tourism infrastructure; and economic impacts and employment.

Links are also provided to additional sources of information and to statistical archives. A guide to finding localised tourism information can be found here.

New releases

Aviation Performance in NSW 2015-16 (PDF 723 kb)

International Youth Travel to NSW June 2016 (PDF 363 kb)

Overseas Arrivals and Departures Snapshot September 2016 (PDF 490 kb)

STR Global Tourist Accommodation Snapshot September 2016 (PDF 111 kb)

Economic Contribution of Tourism to NSW 2014-15 (PDF 1 MB)

Economic Contribution of Tourism to each Tourism Region in NSW 2013-14

State Tourism Forecasts August 2016

NSW State Visitor Statistics June 2016

Regional NSW Tourism Statistics June 2016

Sydney Tourism Statistics June 2016

International Visitor Statistics June 2016

International Aboriginal Tourism June 2016 (PDF 222 kb)

International Wine Tourism June 2016 (PDF 259 kb)

Visiting Friends and Relatives Host Research March 2016 (PDF 519 kb)

NSW Visitor Information Centre Visitor Profile Snapshot March 2016 (PDF 542 kb)