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4 April 2014

Overseas Arrivals and Departures (OAD)

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) publishes monthly Overseas Arrivals and Departures information of short-term (under 12 months duration) international visitors to Australia, regardless of age. Overseas arrival data relate to the State of intended stay in Australia while overseas Departure data relate to the State where visitors spent the most time in Australia.

Notes on the OAD data

The ABS rebuilt its OAD data system to improve data quality. To preserve the time series, the ABS revised OAD data back from July 2004 onwards. This change impacted the OAD and the International Visitor Survey time series as international visitor estimates are benchmarked on the OAD data. January 2014 OAD results are the first to be based on the revised OAD methodology.

In February 2018, the ABS identified data quality issues affecting visitor arrivals data extending as far back as July 2017. The ABS has now revised the OAD time series. OAD reports from year ended March 2018 include revised arrivals and departure data from July 2017 onwards. 

Latest OAD

OAD Snapshot February 2019 (PDF 422 kb)

Archived OAD

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International Visitor Survey (IVS)

Tourism Research Australia conducts quarterly International Visitor Surveys of departing short-term (under 12 months duration) international visitors aged 15 years and over.

The IVS Snapshot provides the total international visitation to New South Wales. It covers visitor numbers, nights and expenditure as well as country of origin, purpose of visit, demographics, top activities, transport and accommodation statistics.

Notes on the International Visitor Survey (IVS) data

Tourism Research Australia recently advised that there are issues with the passenger arrival cards used in the modelling of IVS data. Hence, IVS results from the year ended March 2018 are preliminary and do not include any data relating to purpose of visit. There are no issues with the survey collection. 

Latest IVS

International Travel to NSW (IVS) Snapshot December 2018 (PDF 400 kb)

International Travel to NSW Time Series December 2018 (PDF 321 kb)

Archived IVS

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International market profiles

The international market profiles provide snapshot and time series visitation information from each country market to New South Wales. It also reports on each country market’s purpose of travel, demographics, travel party, places visited, top activities, accommodation and transport used.

 Country Factsheet (PDF files) Time Series (PDF files)
China Canada Canada Factsheet December 2018 Canada Time Series December 2018
China China China Factsheet December 2018 China Time Series December 2018
France France Factsheet December 2018 France Time Series December 2018
Germany Germany Factsheet December 2018 Germany Time Series December 2018
Hong Kong Hong Kong Factsheet December 2018 Hong Kong Time Series December 2018
India India India Factsheet India December 2018 India Time Series December 2018
Indonesia Indonesia Factsheet December 2018 Indonesia Time Series December 2018
Japan Japan Japan Factsheet December 2018 Japan Time Series December 2018
Malaysia Malaysia Factsheet December 2018 Malaysia Time Series December 2018
New Zealand New Zealand NZ Factsheet December 2018 NZ Time Series December 2018
Singapore Singapore Singapore Factsheet December 2018 Singapore Time Series December 2018
South Korea South Korea Factsheet December 2018 South Korea Time Series December 2018
Taiwan Flag Taiwan Taiwan Factsheet December 2018 Taiwan Time Series December 2018
United Kingdom UK UK Factsheet December 2018 UK Time Series December 2018
United States of America USA USA Factsheet December 2018 USA Time Series December 2018

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