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3 April 2014

Notes on the National Visitor Survey (NVS) and International Visitor Survey (IVS) data

Tourism Research Australia updated survey methodology of the NVS with the introduction of mobile phone interviewing from January 2014. This change represents a break in time series. Care should be taken when comparing current NVS results with those prior to January 2014.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics rebuilt its OAD data system to improve data quality. To preserve the time series, the ABS revised OAD data back from July 2004 onwards. This change impacted the IVS time series results as visitor estimates are benchmarked on the OAD data. To preserve the time series, Tourism Research Australia adjusted the IVS data from January 2005 to reflect the revised OAD time series.

In recent quarters, there appears to have been some unreasonably high growth rates for some data items in the National Visitor Survey (NVS), particularly around business trip estimates. Tourism Research Australia is currently investigating the issue.  In the meantime, we advise using NVS data for the relevant time periods with caution until further notice.

Latest Sydney Tourism Statistics

Travel to Sydney Snapshot September 2016 (PDF 233 kb)
Provides detailed domestic and international tourism data

Travel to Sydney Time Series September 2016 (PDF 424 kb)
Provides domestic and international tourism trend data (key measures only) from 2002
- 2015

Purpose of Visit Snapshots

Travel to Sydney to Visit Friends and Relatives Snapshot December 2015 (PDF 205 kb)
Holiday Travel to Sydney Snapshot December 2015 (PDF 198 kb)
Business Travel to Sydney Snapshot December 2015 (PDF 208 kb)



Travel to Sydney Snapshot June 2016 (PDF 207 kb)
Travel to Sydney Snapshot March 2016 (PDF 205 kb)
Travel to Sydney Snapshot December 2015
 (PDF 217 kb)
Travel to Sydney Snapshot September 2015
 (PDF 204 kb)

Time Series

Travel to Sydney Time Series June 2016 (PDF 633 kb)
Travel to Sydney Time Series March 2016 (PDF 675 kb)
Travel to Sydney Time Series December 2015
 (PDF 217 kb)
Travel to Sydney Time Series September 2015
 (PDF 430 kb)

Sydney Precinct Visitor Profile

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