Visitor Attraction Signposting

13 August 2021

Visitor attraction signs have a brown background with white wording.

Example Visitor Attraction Sign

These signs are installed on the state-managed road network in NSW to inform visitors of attractions and services available at a destination as well as indicate establishments, natural or physical attractions or places that are considered major attractions.

The statewide Visitor Attraction Signposting Program has been operating since 1990 and is a partnership between Destination NSW and Transport for NSW.

The program caters for the needs of visitors by implementing visitor signposting systems that:

  • safely and efficiently guide visitors to destinations
  • inform visitors of the range of attractions and services available at a destination that meet the minimum standard required under current signposting guidelines.

Signposting categories and factsheets

There are a range of signposting categories available and each one has specific criteria to ensure that the signposted attraction meets the expectations of visitors.

See signposting categories list and factsheets

NSW road network - where your signs are located

Transport for NSW manages what is known as the state road network. State roads are generally classified as motorways, highways and other major thoroughfares used by large volumes of traffic. The local road network is managed by your local council authority. If signs are only required on the local road network, it may not be necessary to apply for visitor attraction signposting via this website, and you can contact your local council direct for advice.

If your attraction is located on the local road network but your signs will be located on state roads, Transport for NSW will work with the relevant council to install signs on all roads so that visitors can easily and safely locate the attraction. Transport for NSW will assist you through this process and normally designs and coordinates the installation of all the signs required to guide visitors to the attraction.

Pricing guide

The information provided in the Signage Pricing Guide (PDF 348 kb) should be used for reference only and is provided to help applicants understand the potential costs involved with sign installation.

The guide includes examples of previous signs that have been installed and the relevant costs involved. There are many factors that can influence the costs of sign manufacture and installation; for example, the number and size of signs required, the speed zone of the road, the road network complexity and traffic control and/or safety measures required for safe installation.

Please note the Signage Pricing Guide contains tables and diagrams. If you require this information in an alternative format for accessibility reasons, please contact us.

Application process

Applications for visitor attraction signs are assessed by Destination NSW in consultation with Transport for NSW. The NSW Destination Networks may also provide input into the assessment process, where necessary, along with the relevant local government authority.

If approved, applicants will be contacted by Transport for NSW to discuss and arrange sign designs, locations, pricing and an installation timeframe. Applicants are responsible for the costs involved with the manufacture and installation of signs.

In cases where the application is unsuccessful, Destination NSW will provide feedback and support to the applicant and where appropriate, work with the applicant to achieve a positive outcome.

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Advice and support

Destination NSW is here to help. You are encouraged to contact us prior to lodging an application. Support is available throughout the process, from application through to sign installation.

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