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Destination NSW is the lead agency, champion and voice for the visitor economy within the NSW Government.


For NSW to be the premier visitor economy in the Asia Pacific by 2030


To deliver economic and social benefits to the people of NSW by growing the visitor economy


Road to recovery
A comprehensive program of marketing and industry development will ensure NSW recovers quickly from the impacts of COVID-19, bushfires, drought and floods and elevates its status as the premier visitor economy in the Asia Pacific.
Build the brand
Compelling new brands will be developed for Sydney and NSW to provide a strong foundation for differentiation, consumer messaging, local pride and competitiveness to turbocharge recovery and accelerate future growth.
Showcase our strengths
NSW is a state of breathtaking diversity and bucket list visitor attractions and experiences. We will focus on existing strengths and develop new opportunities to ensure place making, destination marketing, events and visitor experiences drive visitation.
Invest in world-class events
An accelerated investment in signature sporting and cultural events such as the 10 World Cups and Vivid Sydney as well as business events will help position Sydney and NSW as the events capital of the Asia Pacific, drive visitation and enhance the social wellbeing of NSW residents.
Facilitate growth
Investing in infrastructure, job creation, industry resilience and sustainability, future planning, and better ways to do business will ensure the continued growth and future prosperity of the NSW visitor economy.

Our organisation

Established under the Destination NSW Act 2011 as the lead Government agency for the NSW tourism and major events sector, Destination NSW’s charter is to achieve economic and social benefits for the people of NSW through the development of tourism and the securing of major events.


Destination NSW is governed by an independent chairman and a Board of Management. The Minister directs Destination NSW in accordance with the Destination NSW Act 2011 and the NSW Government is represented on the Board by the cluster Secretary.

Strategies & plans

Destination NSW’s strategy and planning is directed to promote the sustainable growth and development of the visitor economy in NSW.

Annual reports

Destination NSW was established as a statutory authority in July 2011 and brought together four organisations: Events NSW, Tourism NSW, the Homebush Motor Racing Authority and the Greater Sydney Partnership. The organisation is required to report to Parliament, the NSW Government and general community on its activities.

Destination Networks

The NSW Government established the Destination Networks in 2016, following a review of regional tourism, to improve regional stakeholder engagement and better support the visitor economy of regional NSW.

The Sunrise State

Destination NSW commissioned an artwork as a symbol of its enduring partnership with NATOC and an acknowledgement of the contribution Aboriginal culture makes to the growth and sustainability of the NSW visitor economy.


Destination NSW is the lead agency, champion and voice for the visitor economy within the NSW Government.

Our policies

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022 (PID Act) came into effect on 1 October 2023 and affects every public sector worker in NSW including non-government organisations that provide services for a government agency.

Effective governance relies on those who work in the NSW public sector (public officials) speaking up when they witness, or otherwise become aware of, wrongdoing in the public sector. Read more about the PID Policy below.

Access to Information

Government Information Public Access (GIPA) Act 2009
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Our sites

Our websites cover up-to-date information on the events and experiences in and around Sydney and regional NSW, suggestions on visitor itineraries, plenty of recommendations for activities, attractions and experiences industry news and resources.


Contact us for more information about marketing, partnerships, working with Destination NSW or industry advice.

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