Signposting Categories and Factsheets

13 August 2021

There are a range of signposting categories available. Each category has specific criteria that have been developed to ensure that the signposted attraction meets the expectations of visitors.

The listed factsheets have been developed to guide you through the application process and provide all the essential information required to complete an application. You are encouraged to discuss your application with Destination NSW prior to applying for signs.

For advice choosing the most relevant category and to discuss your signposting application please contact Destination NSW.

Gallery (PDF 671 kb)
Museum (PDF 665 kb)
Craft-based attraction (PDF 667 kb)
Aboriginal cultural centre or site (PDF 663 kb)
Historic property or site (PDF 659 kb)
Winery (PDF 657 kb)
Primary or secondary industry attraction (PDF 683 kb)
Outdoor/nature based attraction (PDF 682 kb)
Architectural/engineering structure (PDF 664 kb)
Other attraction (PDF 667 kb)
Wine tourism region (PDF 680 kb)
Historic town or village (PDF 655 kb)
National Park or other State Government managed attraction (PDF 681 kb)
Major regional visitor destination (PDF 652 kb)
Seaside town or village (PDF 643 kb)

For information regarding applications for Tourist Drives or Touring Routes, please contact Destination NSW for advice.

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