1 September 2014

Destination NSW collects data to provide information on the supply and demand of tourist accommodation facilities. This data includes the number of establishments and room capacity for the quarter as well as occupancy and takings from accommodation. Data is available for the State of NSW as well as Sydney and regional NSW.

Tourist Accommodation Snapshots

STR Global Tourist Accommodation

Summary of the tourist accommodation data sourced from STR Global database. The report covers supply, demand and revenue indicators on hotels and serviced apartments with 10 or more rooms, as provided by STR Global members on a voluntary basis.

STR Global Tourist Accommodation Snapshot September 2018 (PDF 274 kb)

Archived reports: June 2018 | March 2018 | Dec 2017 | Sept 2017

Australian Accommodation Monitor

The Australian Accommodation Monitor (AAM) measures and tracks the performance of the Australian accommodation industry. STR, a global data analytics provider, conducts the AAM on behalf of Tourism Research Australia and relies on voluntary data provision of their member accommodation providers. STR Global database reports supply, demand and revenue for hotels & resorts, motels/private hotels/guest houses, serviced apartments and holiday parks with 10 or more rooms in NSW by tourism region and by market class.

Australian Accommodation Snapshot 2017 – 2018 (PDF 99 kb)

Archived reports: June 2017 (PDF 81 kb)

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Survey of Tourist Accommodation

ABS Tourist Accommodation Snapshot June 2016 (PDF 30 kb)

Archived reports: June 2015 | June 2014 | June 2013 | March 2013

Please note: The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ conducted the Survey of Tourist Accommodation for the last time in the year ended June 2016. Past reports are available on the ABS website.

Local Government Area Accommodation Profiles

Local Government Area Accommodation Profiles provide information on accommodation room capacity and room rates at a local government area level.

See Local Government Area Accommodation Profiles