25 August 2014

Transport is an important part of tourism in NSW. Visitor access to NSW is an important element in building international and domestic visitation. Good transport also encourages dispersal by allowing visitors to move more freely around the State after they arrive.

Destination NSW monitors different forms of transport to ensure that the State’s current transport offering is sufficient to meet the needs of the growing tourism industry.


Aviation Performance in NSW 2017-18 (PDF 1 MB)

This report reviews the operating environment and significant historical events impacting aviation in NSW and Australia, and the aviation performance of Sydney and regional NSW over 2017 and into 2018.

International Aviation Performance - June 2020 (PDF 394 kb)

International Aviation Performance - December 2019 (PDF 985 kb)

Air access plays an important role in attracting international visitors to a destination. This fact sheet provides an overview of international aviation capacity in NSW. It includes information on air capacity into NSW international airport, changes in capacity as well as information on seats and short-term visitor arrivals by top ten country markets by carrier.

Domestic Aviation Performance - June 2021 (PDF 476 kb)

Domestic Aviation Performance - June 2020 (PDF 412 kb)

Domestic Aviation Performance - December 2019 (PDF 994 kb)

Domestic air connections are an important factor in the growth and development of a destination. This fact sheet provides an overview of domestic aviation capacity in NSW.

Cruise Ships

Value of Tourism 2018-19 (1 MB)

This infographic, compiled by the Australian Cruise Association and Cruise Lines International Association, reports on the economic impact of the cruise shipping industry in Australia for the 2018-19.

Cruise Line Industry Association’s (CLIA) Cruise Industry Source Market Report 2018

The Cruise Line Industry Association (Australasia) has compiled a report on cruise passenger destinations and demographics in Australia and the world in 2018.

Sydney Cruise Passenger Survey 2014-15 (1 MB)

Sydney is Australia’s premier cruise port and it continues to grow as a major international cruise destination. The Sydney Cruise Ship passenger survey sought to gain an understanding of the demographic profile, and travel and spend behaviour of passengers and crew of ships visiting Sydney. The survey was conducted during the peak travel period in 2014.

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