Get Connected Frequently Asked Questions

11 July 2012

About Get Connected

What is Get Connected?

Get Connected is the Destination NSW program that allows tourism businesses to be displayed on Destination NSW consumer websites and and Tourism Australia’s website

It allows your tourism business to be displayed in a national database, the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). This database feeds other commercial websites such as, and

See a full list of ATDW distributors here - that is websites using ATDW data.

Destination NSW and Tourism Australia promote their websites as the call-to-action in all campaigns in Australia and around the world. This means that millions of potential visitors have access to information about your tourism business when planning their holiday.

How much does it cost to Get Connected?

The service is free.

What are the benefits of joining Get Connected?

Get Connected is a global marketing tool used by more than 7 million travellers each year. Having access and maintaining your listing means that you can control the message about your tourism business.

Who can join Get Connected?

Any New South Wales tourism business or event can join providing they meet the
operator listing criteria.

Destination NSW currently publish the following categories:

  • Accommodation
  • Attraction
  • Event
  • Food & Drink
  • Hire
  • Information Service
  • Tour

Whilst Destination Information, General Service, Journey and Transport categories aren’t being published via Destination NSW channels, any listings within these categories will still become available for distribution through the wider ATDW distribution partner network.

The Get Connected Program is intended for individual properties, establishments or tourism products and events. Wholesalers or Inbound Tour Operators (ITO), virtual online businesses, travel insurance or human resource providers are excluded.

How do I Get Connected?

It’s easy, simply register here, fill out your business or event information, wait for your activation email from ATDW and then away you go!

My tourism business is listed on your site, but I don’t know how it got there.

Your listing may have been added by your local Visitor Information Centre or a previous owner or employee. To update your details, contact the Get Connected team on 1300 655 077 or send an email to If you do not wish to appear on or, just send an email and we will remove your entry.

My tourism business was previously on your site but it is not there anymore. What happened to it?

We may have identified that your listing did not comply with mandatory fields or had not been updated for over 12 months. As a result it has been removed.

Please contact the Get Connected team on 1300 655 077 to find out how to re-activate your listing.

There is incorrect information about my tourism business on another website.

You will be able to correct this information by updating your Get Connected listing.

Check this list of websites using ATDW. If the website is not on this list, it means that the information has been sourced from a third party and not from the ATDW. You will need to contact the website directly to update the incorrect information.

Creating your Get Connected entry

How should I describe my tourism business?

When describing your product, text should be kept short and simple with the most important content written at the beginning of the description.
Keep these points in mind when writing all product descriptions:

  • The product name, key points and highlights should be positioned at the beginning of the description
  • Progress into further detail throughout the description by providing additional information about activities and services provided at the product/destination
  • Conclude the description with transport information and other useful hints
  • Editorial content should always refer to the product/destination in the third person and the reader/consumer in the second person. This ensures that an objective point of view is always conveyed to readers. The third person is “he, she, they, their, his, hers, him, her”. The second person is “you and your”

How do I display photos/images on my listing?

See image guidelines.

How often should I refresh/update my listing?

Your listing may be updated as often as you want. Under the Get Connected Terms and Conditions, you must review and refresh at least once every 12 months. Even if your description, facilities and prices remain unchanged you will need to log in, click ‘edit’ and then click ‘finish or release live’, ensuring your listing remains on and other websites for another 12 months.

What happens if I don’t update my listing once every 12 months?

The listing will be automatically removed from the database and website. Regular updates ensure the information on our websites is current and useful for travellers. If you do not have the facilities to update your listing, contact the staff at your local Visitor Information Centre.
Go to the list of Visitor Information Centres in NSW.

How do I calculate my Star Rating?

A Star Rating is determined by more than 200 criteria that have been ranked by Australian travellers according to what’s important to them.

The ‘star’ symbols are a licensed trademark and can only be used by properties that have been licensed to use them by the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC).

For more information please visit

What are the mandatory sections of the database that I must complete?

Mandatory fields vary, depending on your product category. You will be prompted by pop up screens if any of the mandatory rules have not been met.

Helpful hints on Get Connected

I have updated my listing but the changes are not showing on the website. Why not?

When you have updated your listing, click on ‘finish or release live’. Failure to do so will stop updates showing on the website. The ‘save’ button only saves a copy of your changed information and the new information will not go live until the ‘finish or release live’ button is clicked.

If you have changed the description, location or product name, your listing will be sent to the quality assurance (QA) area. All other updated information is live on the website after you click ‘finish or release live’. QA generally takes 24 - 72 hours and if your changes are still not showing at this time, please email the Get Connected team for further investigation.

Why can’t I access Get Connected?

The most likely reasons are:

  1. You are not using Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. You can download the latest version of Internet Explorer here.
  2. You have a Google or Yahoo Toolbar switched on. Switch it off by going to ‘view’ and ‘toolbars’ on your Internet Explorer menu and deselecting it.
  3. You have a pop-up blocker switched on. Switch it off by going to ‘tools’, ‘pop-up blocker’ and selecting ‘turn off pop-up blocker’ or ‘internet options’, ‘privacy’ and deselecting ‘block pop-ups’.

For assistance call 1300 655 077 or email

I do not have internet access. How can I update my listing?

Most local libraries offer free internet access, or contact your local Visitor Information Centre to discuss assistance in updating your Get Connected listing.
Go to list of Visitor Information Centres in NSW.

I’ve forgotten my username and / or password.

Simply click on ‘Forgot Password?’ at and enter your current email address. If this email address is held by the database, your password will be sent to you.

To get involved, simply register for a Get Connected user name and password
Already a member’ Login now.

How do I remove my listing?

You can login to ATDW-Online and request disablement of your product by clicking on the ‘MORE’ button and then selecting ‘Disable listing’ from the dropdown options.

Alternatively, please email or phone the Support Desk on 1300 655 077 and a team member can disable the product on your behalf.

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For assistance or questions about the Get Connected program, Destination NSW’s websites or the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), please contact our helpline on 1300 655 077 or email

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