Partner Opportunities Prospectus Terms and Conditions

8 February 2012

Destination NSW has prepared this Prospectus in good faith and has sought to ensure that its contents are true and correct at the time of publication. However, to the extent legally permitted, the accuracy, completeness and currency of this Prospectus is not guaranteed. The dates, descriptions and other information contained in this Prospectus may vary and are subject to confirmation at the time Destination NSW receives any offer from you to participate.

In the event that more partners express interest in an opportunity than places available, preference will be given to the partners that can provide the highest level of value-added benefits to the campaign or activity and comply with the selection criteria. Additional initiatives or offerings may arise after the date of distribution. Participants are also encouraged to approach Destination NSW with ideas for other similar initiatives at any time.

At any time and for any reasonable reason, Destination NSW may withdraw any initiative or offering and may decline to allow any person or organisation to participate in any initiative or offering. Potential partners should also note that some or all of the campaign initiatives and other offerings contained in this Prospectus may be subject to required minimum levels of participation. Offerings that do not meet this minimum participation level may be withdrawn at any time without any liability on the part of Destination NSW and even after you have confirmed your participation. Participation in any campaign or initiative is subject to completion of an Expression of Interest form by the potential participant.

Destination NSW cannot promise any results or benefits from your participation in any initiatives or offerings contained in this Prospectus. You are responsible for any decisions or actions you take based on this Prospectus and for determining any further investigation, information and consideration that might be required. To the extent legally permitted, Destination NSW accepts no responsibility or liability in contract, negligence or otherwise, arising in any way out of this Prospectus or your use of it.