Strategies & plans

Destination NSW’s strategy and planning is directed to promote the sustainable growth and development of the visitor economy in NSW.

Visitor economy strategy 2030

Target to 2030

The NSW Visitor Economy Strategy 2030 sets a target to triple 2009 overnight visitor expenditure in NSW by 2030 surpassing previous targets despite recent challenges. Specific targets include

  • $65 billion in total visitor expenditure for NSW by 2030
  • $10 billion in domestic daytrips by 2030
  • $55 billion in overnight visitor expenditure by 2030
  • $25 billion in regional overnight visitor expenditure by 2030.

Key themes and actions

Five strategic pillars underpin the NSW Government’s vision to be the premier visitor economy in the Asia-Pacific by 2030.

Road to recovery

A comprehensive program of marketing and industry development will ensure NSW recovers quickly from the impacts of COVID-19, bushfires, drought and floods and elevates its status as the premier visitor economy in the Asia-Pacific.

How we’ll do it:

  • Deliver a suite of consumer and industry programs to reboot the visitor economy
  • Promote Sydney and NSW through striking new marketing campaigns, world-class events and a renewed focus on the 24-hour economy
  • Support visitor economy businesses to adapt, recover and flourish by providing a comprehensive suite of grants, training and business advice programs delivered through a new one-stop shop
  • Bolster visitor destinations through the largest investment in transport and visitor infrastructure and access in Australia.

Build the brand

Compelling new brands will be developed for Sydney and NSW to provide a strong foundation for differentiation, consumer messaging, local pride and competitiveness to turbo-charge recovery and accelerate future growth.

How we’ll do it:

  • Develop and launch a compelling new brand for Sydney and NSW based on robust consumer research and data analysis
  • Consistently use the new brand to promote Sydney and NSW as an exciting place to visit, invest, do business and study
  • Work with industry and across government to ensure that all aspects of the visitor journey deliver on the brand promise, including products, experiences and events.

Showcase our strengths

NSW is a state of breathtaking diversity and bucket list visitor attractions and experiences. We will focus on existing strengths and develop new opportunities to ensure place making, destination marketing, events and visitor experiences drive visitation.

How we’ll do it:

  • Prioritise funding and industry support for new products and experiences that reinforce the strengths
  • Implement new needs-based industry development programs to facilitate the digital transformation of visitor economy businesses, enhance the quality of visitor experiences, and ensure the sustainability and resilience of visitor economy businesses
  • Deliver marketing and PR campaigns that emphasise and reinforce the distinctive character and features of NSW visitor destinations.

Invest in world-class events

An accelerated investment in signature sporting and cultural events such as the 10 World Cups and Vivid Sydney as well as business events will help position Sydney and NSW as the events capital of the Asia-Pacific, drive visitation and enhance the social wellbeing of NSW residents.

How we’ll do it:

  • Secure and host world-class business, sports and cultural events that appeal to high-value travellers and position Sydney and NSW as the events capital of the Asia-Pacific
  • Invest in and nurture iconic home-grown events that reflect the vibrancy of NSW visitor destinations
  • Provide the best events facilities in Australia, and a whole-of-government approach, making it easy to produce events in NSW.

Facilitate growth

Investing in infrastructure, job creation, industry resilience and sustainability, future planning, and better ways to do business will ensure the continued growth and future prosperity of the NSW visitor economy.

How we’ll do it:

  • Make it easier for businesses to establish and expand in NSW through streamlined licensing and planning approval processes
  • Prioritise planning and investment in major projects that will have the most impact on the visitor economy
  • Enhance the capacity, productivity and professionalism of the visitor economy workforce with technology and new training programs.

Focus on outcomes

The strategy reinforces the NSW Government’s focus on outcomes. The key outcomes for the visitor economy are economic growth and job creation. The strategy seeks to align and coordinate resources and initiatives across the NSW Government to maximise their impact for the visitor economy.

How we’ll do it:

  • Drive alignment of funding and resources for the visitor economy to achieve economic growth and job creation
  • Report annually on progress against the Key Results Areas and the Visitor Expenditure Targets and review this strategy after three years
  • Complete the Visitor Economy Index and investigate new ways of measuring the impact of the visitor economy and the issues that businesses are facing.


  • NSW Visitor Economy Strategy 2030

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Destination NSW has implemented a Disability Inclusion Action Plan that sets out the actions that the organisation is taking, and will take, to support people living with a disability. This includes supporting those people living with a disability who work at Destination NSW as well as those with whom the organisation engages in the broader community.

Destination NSW is required to report to Government and the general community on the status of its Disability Inclusion Action Plan and the actions being undertaken by them. The plan will continue to develop and be refined as actions are completed and new issues emerge.


  • Destination NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan