Strategies and Plans

27 November 2012

Destination NSW’s strategy and planning is directed to promote the sustainable growth and development of tourism in the State.

Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan

The NSW Government issued its first Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan in 2012 in response to the recommendations of the Final Report of the Visitor Economy Taskforce.

Since that time the market and regulatory environment has changed considerably and in August 2017, the NSW Government established an industry-led Visitor Economy Taskforce to conduct a mid-term review of the plan.

The Taskforce, headed by John Hartigan, the former Chairman of Destination NSW, comprised the Hon Bruce Baird AM, Russell Balding AO, Simon McGrath and Ms Robbie Sefton, who reviewed the Government’s priorities and actions with industry input to ensure that they continue to deliver results.

The Taskforce review confirmed the significant success of the 2012 Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan and made 34 recommendations to drive the visitor economy to 2020 and beyond.

The NSW Government released the Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan 2030 in August 2018 to build on the successes of the previous plan. The Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan 2030 provides guidance and direction for the Government to continue to work with industry to drive the economic benefits of the visitor economy.

It sets a new visitor economy target to triple overnight visitor expenditure by 2030 and for the first time sets a regional overnight visitor expenditure target to achieve $20 billion by 2025 and $25 billion by 2030.

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Statewide Destination Management Plan (DMP)

The Statewide DMP is designed to provide a high level framework to achieve alignment across NSW and assist coordinated delivery of the vision and goals for the NSW visitor economy. It identifies local and state strengths and unique points of difference, as well as areas of commonality across the regions. The Statewide DMP functions as a living document, to be used as a reference tool to further develop the NSW visitor economy and respond to market changes.
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NSW Food & Wine Tourism Strategy & Action Plan 2018 - 2022

The NSW Food & Wine Tourism Strategy & Action Plan 2018-2022 is designed to provide the food and wine sector and the broader tourism industry with an overview of Destination NSW’s plans to further support the development of food and wine tourism to the State. The Strategy & Action Plan has a vision for Sydney and Regional New South Wales to be recognised amongst the world’s leading food and wine destinations, offering Australia’s best and most diverse food and wine tourism experiences.
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Aboriginal Tourism Action Plan 2017 - 2020

The vision of Destination NSW’s Aboriginal Tourism Action Plan is to support the existing and emerging NSW Aboriginal tourism experiences, products and businesses that will lead to economic and social benefits for Aboriginal people, both as operators and employees.

The goals outlined in the Aboriginal Tourism Action Plan are to be implemented by Destination NSW through a partnership model with Aboriginal businesses and organisations over a three-year timeframe.
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China Tourism Strategy 2012-20

Destination NSW’s China Tourism Strategy will guide business development and consumer marketing activity between 2012-2020. The strategy is directed towards ensuring that NSW keeps pace with the rapid expansion of geographic source markets within China and the changing travel preferences of maturing consumer segments.

A key objective of the strategy is to protect NSW’s leadership position. While the China market is continuing to grow, so too is the competitor threat from other destinations. NSW currently attracts 60 per cent of all Chinese visitors to Australia and 40 per cent of Chinese visitor nights.
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NSW Regional Conferencing Strategy & Action Plan

The NSW Regional Conferencing Strategy & Action Plan aims to build capability, improve NSW’s competitive position, stimulate demand and return the sector to growth. Destination NSW, in partnership with industry, will implement 11 Strategic Imperatives developed in response to Action 36B of the VEIAP.
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Western Sydney Visitor Economy Strategy

On 31 August 2017, the NSW Government announced its plans to drive visitor growth to Western Sydney with the release of the Western Sydney Visitor Economy Strategy.

The Strategy includes nine Strategic Directions supported by a Memorandum of Understanding with the Western Sydney Business Chamber and the Western Sydney Business Connection.

The NSW Government and key partners will work together to ensure one of Australia’s largest, fastest growing and most diverse economies is at the forefront of more visitors’ minds.
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