Sand Dune Adventures

Sand Dune Adventures discusses the benefits of attending trade events.

Business profile

Sand Dune Adventures is an Aboriginal-owned and -operated tourism business that offers clients an exclusive 90-minute Cultural Quad Bike riding experience traversing the Worimi Sand Dunes in Port Stephens, two hours’ drive north of Sydney. The dunes are recorded as the largest coastal moving sand mass in the Southern Hemisphere.

Guests ride safely from bush to beach on a 400cc quad bike and take in the glorious views of the sweeping coastline with experienced Aboriginal guides. They receive a hands-on introduction to authentic Aboriginal culture and history, visit ancient campsites and learn about the local bush foods, medicines and the secrets of finding fresh water.

Quick facts

Type: Tour

Focus: Aboriginal Culture, Adventure & Nature

Location: Williamtown, Port Stephens

Destination Network: Destination Sydney Surrounds North

NSW First spoke to Sand Dune Adventures CEO Andrew Smith and Sales & Marketing Director Joanna Smith about why the business is involved with the program.

How did the Destination NSW New Product Workshop help your business?

The New Product Workshop assisted us by providing an understanding of how the travel trade works and the roles of inbound tour operators, wholesalers and online travel agents.

Which international markets do you target?

Our target markets are China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom and USA.

What types of trade partners are you working with?

Our trade partners include inbound tour operators, wholesalers, retail and online travel agents.

Which trade events have you attended?

We have attended the Destination NSW South East Asia and China roadshows in-market as well as Focus on India, Focus on Japan and Focus on Greater China held in Sydney. We have also attended the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) for the last six years.

Why did you make the decision to attend these events?

We attend trade events to be further involved in the tourism industry and to develop relationships with inbound tour operators, wholesalers and online travel agents. By attending the Destination NSW trade events, the focus is only on NSW products.

How did you prepare?

We prepare for each trade event with presentations, brochures and by loading USB sticks with our sales collateral — fact sheets, images and videos to give to buyers.

What do you find most valuable about attending trade events?

The ability to talk to the buyers and let them know where we are and what we do is so valuable. Our tour is very unique as it is operated on the largest coastal sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere.

Left: Joanna Smith – Sales & Marketing, Sand Dune Adventures. Right: Andrew Smith - CEO, Sand Dune Adventures.
By attending the Destination NSW trade events, the focus is only on NSW products.
Which activities would you recommend when you start working with the travel trade?
  • Start by attending the New Product Workshop and ATEC Meeting Place.
  • Once you know your key markets, look at which Destination NSW trade events are coming up and apply to attend.
  • ATE is a must to attend as you get to meet over 100 buyers over four days.
How does attending trade events fit into your inbound strategy?

We work out our budget for the year and look at attending the trade events in our key markets that will benefit our business.

How do you keep the travel trade up to date with your product range?

We keep buyers up to date by attending trade events, doing sales calls and sending emails and newsletters.

What is your top tip for a business attending its first trade event?

Take all the advice the Destination NSW team recommend, so you are well prepared when meeting the buyers.