ATEC, in partnership with Destination NSW, will deliver Explore NSW & ACT in the Blue Mountains from 26-27 June 2024.

The event will include a welcome function, meetings between ATEC buyer and seller members and various networking opportunities.

Destination NSW is offering access to ATEC 2024 New Product Pathway Packages as part of Explore NSW & ACT.

ATEC 2024 New Product Pathway Packages will enable businesses that are new to ATEC to participate in the Explore NSW & ACT event for the first time and to develop and strengthen relationships with key distributors, which they can leverage to grow their business.

The ATEC 2024 New Product Pathway Package is valued at $1500 per eligible business, with Destination NSW providing a 50 per cent subsidy.

The packages complement the NSW First Program delivered by Destination NSW.

New Product Pathway Package inclusions

The ATEC 2024 New Product Pathway Package will provide new NSW sellers with:

  • Access to the ATEC Explore NSW & ACT 2024 event as a full primary seller delegate
  • ATEC Provisional Membership valid from membership registration until 30 June 2025
  • Access to Pre-ATE 2025 ATEC National Virtual B2B event in March 2025 (note registration costs apply)
  • Access to ATEC tutorial series
  • Access to ATEC member communications
  • Introduction to ATEC NSW Leadership Group to enhance network.

The ATEC Explore New Product Pathway Package will fund up to 10 NSW businesses that are not ATEC members to attend ATEC Explore NSW & ACT for the first time.

Please note

If the number of applicants meeting ATEC 2024 New Product Pathway’s eligibility criteria exceeds the maximum of places, Destination NSW and ATEC have the right to take a first in, best dressed approach on the date and time of submission.

Review the eligibility criteria here.

Registrations are now open and close on 19 May 2024.

Register here.