Bundyi Cultural Tours

Bundyi Cultural Tours' Mark Saddler discusses the benefits of joining the NSW First Program.

Business profile

Bundyi Cultural Tours is an Aboriginal-owned and -operated business that specialises in fully guided tours from Wagga Wagga in the Riverina region, five hours’ drive south-west of Sydney.

Tour guide and Wiradjuri man, Mark Saddler, takes guests on a journey that immerses them in Wiradjuri culture and language. Tours are conducted in either a luxury tour car or bus. Visitors learn about the world’s oldest living culture on a half- or full-day tour that includes bush tucker, cultural tools, ancient lands, animals and the customs of the local Aboriginal people who have lived in Wiradjuri country for over 80,000 years.


Quick Facts

Product Type: Tour

Focus: Aboriginal Culture, Nature

Location: Wagga Wagga, Riverina

Destination Network: Destination Riverina Murray

How did the NSW First workshops help your business?

I needed to gain further information on working in tourism. This was the reason I worked with Destination NSW and attended the NSW First workshops. I believed that attending more workshops and gaining as many networking opportunities as I could would enhance my chances of gaining valuable experience and insight into the tourism sector. The NSW First workshops were my key to opening the tourism door.

Which international markets do you target?

I have found my main target markets are Europe and America, as well as visitors from England and New Zealand.

How did you develop into an export ready business?

To be able to grow into an export-ready business I needed ongoing support from my local Destination Network as well as Destination NSW. I also needed to engage with inbound tour operators as well as target online travel agents.

To be able to better understand inbound tourism I also needed to understand the markets I wished to sell to. Now I continue to learn from those who understand the travel trade and businesses who have delivered export-ready tourism products to the international market.

Has your product changed to appeal to inbound visitors?

Yes, I constantly look at my competitors to see the rates they are charging and to learn more about their advertising programs and campaigns. I have also adjusted my website so it is easier to navigate and find information. I have modified some of my tours to suit clients from different markets. This is an ongoing learning experience for me and my company.

I always ensure that I deliver a famil in the same way that I deliver my normal tour: with honesty, fun, education and truth.
What’s one thing you’ve learnt about your target market from experience?

I have learnt I need to direct my marketing efforts towards the European and American markets as these are the ones who really want to learn more about the type of tourism experience that I deliver.

How did the Destination NSW New Product Workshop assist your business?

By attending the New Product Workshop I gained valuable experience in setting up trade fact sheets and have also learnt how to talk the tourism talk. I have also gained a great deal from networking with the many stakeholders and companies that work in the tourism sector. This has given me new and valuable contacts in tourism and the travel trade.

What are your top tips for businesses looking to become export ready?
  • Do your research on the experience you are going to deliver.
  • Look around in your area and see which nationalities are visiting.
  • Seek expert advice from the tourism sector specialists.
What types of partners do you work with?

I work with local partners such as wineries, accommodation and food producers that I believe are complimentary to my operation.

What is the secret to hosting a successful trade famil?

I always ensure that I deliver a famil in the same way that I deliver my normal tour: with honesty, fun, education and truth. I also share with my heart and soul and always deliver my product in a way that offers a unique learning experience.

What are the benefits of working with online travel agents?

Online travel agents know their client base and what they want and need. They have a great understanding of the tourism industry from a variety of different markets.

Mark Saddler - Wiradjuri Man, Bundyi Cultural Tours