Visitors are seeking agritourism experiences that reconnect them with the land, produce, and farmers.

This includes experiences that:

  • are immersive and authentic 
  • teach them something new
  • help them to connect to a destination, connect with nature or live like a farmer
  • create opportunities to connect with their loved ones and family 
  • include farm produce – enabling visitors to taste, touch, see and smell.

Destination NSW consumer websites, and, have more than 1.5 million visitors a month, from both domestic and international audiences. Agritourism pages and articles on showing farm experiences are increasingly popular, and the seasonal article Where to pick your own fruit & produce in NSW is one of the most searched pages by visitors. Popular searches on in 2023 include:

Tourism Australia’s Future of Demand is research into the experiences driving Australia’s tourism demand now and into the future. 

Based on qualitative research and a global survey of 23,771 travellers across 20 markets, the research measured interest in 143 global tourism experiences.

Find out about the markets seeking agritourism experiences here:

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