ATEC, in partnership with Destination NSW, will deliver Explore NSW & ACT in the Blue Mountains from 26-27 June 2024.

The industry engagement event will include a welcome function, meetings between ATEC buyer and seller members and various networking opportunities.

ATEC seller members from NSW and ACT and buyers from across Australia have been invited to participate.

Further information about the event program can be found here.

ATEC 2024 New Product Pathway Package

Access to ATEC 2024 New Product Pathway Packages is being offered to NSW visitor economy businesses as part of Explore NSW & ACT.

The ATEC 2024 New Product Pathway Package will enable businesses that are new to ATEC to participate in the Explore NSW & ACT event for the first time and to develop and strengthen relationships with key distributors, which they can leverage to grow their business.

Learn more here.