Snapshots of international visitor arrivals to NSW and the latest NSW international aviation capacity reports.

International aviation performance

Destination NSW provides reports on international aviation capacity in NSW. They include information on air capacity into NSW international airport, changes in capacity as well as information on seats and short-term visitor arrivals by top 10 country markets by carrier.

Latest releases

  • International aviation performance: June 2020
  • International Aviation Performance: December 2019

International visitor arrivals

NSW maintained its leading position for international arrivals to Australia in the year ending November 2023. The state attracted 38.1 per cent of international visitors, which was 2.6 percentage points more than the same period in 2022. For the month of November, NSW received 38.5 per cent of international visitors, 2.7 percentage points more than November 2022.

Latest release: overseas arrivals and departures (OAD)

  • OAD - October 2023


  • OAD snapshot: November 2023
  • OAD snapshot: October 2023
  • OAD snapshot: September 2023
  • OAD snapshot: August 2023
  • OAD snapshot: July 2023
  • OAD snapshot: June 2023
  • OAD snapshot: May 2023
  • OAD snapshot: April 2023
  • OAD snapshot: March 2023
  • OAD snapshot: February 2023
  • OAD snapshot: January 2023
  • OAD snapshot: December 2022
  • OAD snapshot: November 2022
  • OAD snapshot: December 2019

Domestic aviation performance

Domestic air connections are an important factor in the growth and development of a destination. These fact sheets provide an overview of domestic aviation capacity in NSW.

Latest releases

  • Domestic Aviation Performance - June 2022
  • Domestic Aviation Performance - June 2019

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