The Feel New in Broken Hill campaign targeted travellers from Sydney, regional NSW, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, plus print and digital advertising in News Corp’s Escape section. The objective of the campaign was to increase appeal and consideration of Broken Hill among travellers over 45 years old by showcasing Broken Hill as a destination to experience a unique blend of art, culture and stunning desert landscapes.

Campaign tracking research conducted by Destination NSW showed the campaign was highly successful in meeting its core objectives, with both appeal (45 per cent) and consideration of a trip to Broken Hill (31 per cent) increasing significantly among people who saw the campaign, versus those who had not.

In addition, 57 per cent of those who saw the campaign went on to take action, including 15 per cent visiting a website for further information, 11 per cent speaking to family or friends about booking a trip, nine per cent deciding to go on a holiday or short break to Broken Hill, 8 per cent expanding their itinerary to additional locations in the Broken Hill area and eight per cent booking a new trip to Broken Hill during the campaign period.

The campaign delivered more than 11 million impressions via social media and digital video with more than 2.9 million completed views on YouTube.

The Broken Hill pages on received 34,000 visits and generated 3400 leads to operators in Broken Hill during the campaign period. This was a 162 per cent increase in traffic during the campaign period compared to the previous period.