The NSW Sommelier’s Wine List Awards is now accepting entries and searching for sommeliers and hospitality managers from Sydney and regional NSW who have a talent for creating interesting, diverse, and thoughtful wine lists with a focus on local NSW producers.

Wine lists from restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, and clubs are all accepted. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small intimate venue, casual eatery, hatted fine dinner or a hotel restaurant what we’re looking for are wine lists that reflect NSW’s unique regions and diversity of styles and varieties.

President of the NSW Wine Industry Association, and organisers of these awards, Mark Bourne said: 'The NSW Sommelier Wine List Awards celebrate the incredible talent and dedication of sommeliers across our state who are championing local wines and crafting exceptional dining experiences.

"These awards recognise the vital role sommeliers play in showcasing the rich diversity and world-class quality of NSW wines, from the iconic regions of the Hunter Valley and Canberra District to the emerging stars of Orange and beyond.

"Through their passion and expertise, these sommeliers are not only elevating the profile of NSW wines but also contributing to the vibrant culinary culture that makes our state a premier destination for food and wine lovers.”

Destination NSW CEO Steve Cox said: “Destination NSW is proud to be partnering with the NSW Sommelier’s Wine List Awards 2024 to elevate representation of NSW wines on wine lists at restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and hotels throughout the state.

“Wine lists are an opportunity for NSW brands to be remembered, recommended and bought again, while also highlighting winemaking regions for an immersive visitor experience.

"NSW produces some of the best wine in the country and it is vital for the future of the industry that more consumers are given the opportunity to taste it when they are dining out.

“Adding more NSW wines to wine lists highlights our state’s reputation as a top producer, while also driving economic impact for the wine industry and the visitor economy.”

This year entries will be judged by a panel of judges who bring expert knowledge in wine, restaurants and tourism to the table. Wine writer Dom Sweeney will come on board for 2024 while NSW Wine has welcomed back Dane Richards, NSW President of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

Entrants will be in the running to win one of six categories this year plus the coveted title of 2024 NSW Sommelier's Wine List of the Year. The categories for 2024 are:

• Best NSW Wine List in a Regional NSW Venue < 60 seats • Best NSW Wine List in a Regional NSW Venue > 61 seats

• Best NSW Wine List in a Sydney venue < 60 seats

• Best NSW Wine List in a Sydney venue > 61 seats

• Best NSW Wine List by a Caterer or Function venue

• NSW Wine President’s Award for Outstanding Support of the NSW Wine Industry

Along with some great category prizes including visits to premium NSW wine regions and a $2000 glass package from RIEDEL, automatic entry into Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards and the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Young Sommeliers Competition is up for grabs.

Winners will be announced at NSW Parliament House in August 2024. Entry is free and easy via an online form. Enter here.

Entries close at 11.59PM, 23 June 2024.