Caravan and camping is now the number one holiday accommodation of choice for visitors in NSW with a record breaking 19.7 million visitor nights in the 12 months to September 2023.

The latest data reveals a new high for the industry, with an unprecedented 5 million overnight trips marking the biggest year ever for NSW caravan and camping and solidifying the industry’s place as the largest provider of holiday accommodation by nights in the state.

“Caravan and camping is a hugely resilient sector and the robust performance seen in NSW underscores its strength and appeal as a major force in tourism accommodation for the state," Caravan & Camping Industry Association NSW CEO Lyndel Gray said.

"This is an extraordinary milestone for our industry, surpassing the highs of 2019, and highlighting the sustained growth and appeal of caravan and camping holidays.

“This period also marks the first time the industry has exceeded 5 million trips in the state with consumer data identifying the major appeal for visitors being the amazing locations of our holiday parks.”

Shiji ReviewPro analysis of recent guest sentiment and satisfaction with NSW holiday park accommodation reveals an online reputation score of 84.6%, highlighting the exceptional level of satisfaction and positive experiences reported by guests. Research into online consumer review sites also shows the industry continues to shine in key categories including:

Location: 91.5%

Service: 90.9%

Cleanliness: 88.1%

Cabins and Sites: 87.7%

Value: 86%

“The caravan and camping sector plays a vital role in the state’s visitor economy, generating more than $3.6 billion in visitor spending and supporting local economies.”

Ms Gray said the NSW caravan and camping sector directly employs more than 9,800 people and creates an additional 50,000 indirect jobs, generating in excess of $6.5 billion overall economic activity annually.

This year intrastate trips marked a record high of 3.6 million, accounting for 74% of total trips for the year ending September 2023 in NSW, with an increase in interstate visitation from Queensland.

The year has also seen significant growth in the 30-54 years and 55+ markets, both setting new records for the highest number of trips and nights in their respective age segments.

“We are proud of our industry and the individual businesses that drive its success and who continue to innovate and provide exceptional experiences for visitors across NSW.”

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About Caravan & Camping Industry Association NSW

CCIA NSW is the caravan and camping peak industry body in NSW.

CCIA NSW has over720 member businesses, including owners and operators of caravan and holiday parks; manufacturers, dealers and retailers of caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, camping equipment and accessories; and service industries.