The Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner, through the Department of Enterprise, Investment and Trade (DEIT), has announced the second round of the Uptown Grant Program with an additional $6 million available to amplify more going-out districts across Greater Sydney.

The first round of Uptown Grants supported 21 teams to bring the vision of their precincts to life, like Koreatown in Eastwood and Chippendale Collective, and now even more businesses and creatives will have the chance to showcase the best of their communities.

New applicants from across Greater Sydney can apply for an Uptown Grant of up to $200,000, while previous recipients can apply for funding of up to $100,000.

Applications for the second round of grants are expected to open in early 2024.

The Uptown Grant Program is a key element of the 24-Hour Economy Strategy, encouraging place-based collaboration, promotion and storytelling within districts, and providing a platform for districts to innovate with reduced risk and ultimately become self-sustainable in the future.

The eight-week Uptown Accelerator concluded last month where district teams got together for a series of workshops to expand on the visions for their precincts and to build their capabilities.

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24-Hour Economy Commissioner Michael Rodrigues said:

“The Uptown Program is gaining momentum – we’re already supporting 21 teams with funding to showcase what’s best in their communities, and we’ve seen exciting districts emerge like Little India in Harris Park and The Gathering in Blacktown.

“There are so many exciting stories in our communities to tell and we look forward to supporting even more district teams when the second round of grants open early next year.”

Chippendale Collective Precinct Coordinator Tracey Whittaker said:

“The Uptown Grants have enabled us to engage and coordinate with businesses and the community to create the tools and build the programs we need to showcase Chippendale’s eclectic offering.

“A district that includes dozens of eateries, bars, pubs, galleries, numerous retail outlets, green and entertainment spaces, Chippendale’s place as the cultural centre within the Tech Central precinct will be solidified, as we collectively lay the foundations for a long-standing, financially stable community.”