Accredited Visitor Information Centres

16 October 2014

Accredited Visitor Information Centres (AVICs) are recognisable by their branding with the accredited logo.

Only AVICs are able to display the exclusive ‘i’ sign, which serves to guarantee quality service and reliable information. Extensive marketing and promotion of the branding ensures visitors to New South Wales recognise AVICs and the values they represent.

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About accreditation

Accreditation is a process designed to establish and continually improve industry standards for conducting a tourism business. It aims to assist every AVIC to improve the way it operates to meet the increasing demands of domestic and international consumers and stakeholders.

How accreditation helps you

Accredited Visitor Information CentreAccreditation provides consumers and the industry with an assurance that an AVIC is committed to quality business practice and professionalism. The primary focus is to ensure that standards of service delivery meet and, where possible, exceed the visitors expectations.

The NSW AVIC Network bands together Accredited Centres that show a commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, providing all consumers and travellers with an assurance of delivering quality products and services.

AVICs make a significant economic contribution to tourism in New South Wales, particularly in regional areas, by providing information to visitors that encourages them to stay longer, spend more money, experience more attractions and revisit a region. They also create significant social benefits, as many rely heavily on a volunteer workforce and operate as an important community facility.

AVIC Graphic Standards Guidelines

As the ‘i’ logo is a registered trademark, there are guidelines for its use.  Accredited Visitor Information Centres may use the trademark at any time, for any use, as long as the use is in keeping with the guidelines.

AVIC Graphic Standards Guidelines. (2MB)

How to become an AVIC

For further information and to receive the appropriate application forms, please contact:

NSW AVIC Program Manager

The Tourism Group
PO Box 401
Samford  4520