Go Green

1 October 2014

Tourism NSW’s nature in tourism fact sheets are designed to assist existing and potential operators with the important relationship between nature and tourism. The factsheets are the result of extensive research undertaken as part of the development of the Nature in Tourism Plan.

There is a range of government and industry initiatives to help tourism operators adopt better environmental management practices.

Check out the following web sites for some tips:

NSW Government Initiatives

The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) ensures homes are designed using specific water and energy targets. These principles can also be applied to other types of construction.

The NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change offers grants under the NSW Green Business Program for projects that will save water and energy.

The Food Donation Tool Kit can save your business money and ensures your surplus food is provided to support those in need.

A range of business support programs to help businesses reduce energy usage, cut costs and help sustain the environment.

Australian Government Initiatives

Products and services which are certified as Greenhouse Friendly have been through a rigorous certification process based on the principles of life cycle assessment.

Provides information on environmental performance of new light vehicles sold in Australia.

Approved Abatement Providers
The following are approved Greenhouse Friendly abatement providers and are also accredited under the NSW Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme:

Provides carbon credits to any company seeking high quality offsets from long term mallee plantings.

Administers an energy consumption reduction project through installation of energy saving technologies in homes, businesses and communities.

Tourism Industry Accreditation

Administers an Eco Certification program which provides an assurance that eco certified products are backed by a commitment to best practice ecological sustainability.

Provides benchmarking and certification for tourism operators.


Good Environmental Choice Australia is a not-for-profit organisation which runs a certification register for green products and services. It also provides advice on how to choose products and services which have a lower environmental impact.

This free book for small and medium sized businesses includes practical tips and information on how to improve their bottom line while reducing their impact on the environment.